Bois Forte Housing Department

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Bois Forte Housing Department -

Providing Decent, Safe, Sanitary and Affordable Housing

It is the mission of the Bois Forte Housing Department to provide decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing to the Bois Forte members through the elimination of substandard conditions, the provision of adequate rental and home ownership opportunities, supportive services to homeowners, the creation of economic opportunities and ensuring the availability of financing programs sufficient to carry out this mission in a manner which is sensitive to the traditions and culture of the Ojibwe people being served.


The housing Division also recognized and supports the Bois Forte Band mission which is "The Bois Forte Band will use available human, natural and financial resources to promote and advance the well-being of its members. The Band, in all its endeavors, will honor the past, nurture the present and prepare for the future by being a wise steward of its resources and by preserving its sovereignty, cultural identity, and heritage.


The Band believes that its relationships with its member and to others must be characterized by honesty, integrity and accountability; and that adherence to those values will strengthen the Band, enhance its stature and insure it future."

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Due to budget cuts, the Bois Forte Tribal Government has directed departments to discontinue cell phone service for those employees who do not need them for health and safety. For Housing, the Maintenance Technicians retain theirs, while the office staff no longer have theirs.

Click the Flyer link for more details, or check out the About Us page for information on how to stay in touch with Housing.


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Bois Forte Housing Department

Phone  218.757.3253

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